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Corporate profile

Corporate name
Hikari Kogyo Co., Ltd.
本社工場Head office and plant
1960-1 Omuro, Nikko-city,
Tochigi 321-2332 Japan
Phone: +81-288-26-3641
Fax: +81-288-26-3648

Kanuma warehouse
2-1 Sendo, Kanuma-city, Tochigi 332-0002 Japan
Phone: +81-289-65-5096
Akira Hirose
December 2, 1964
26,500,000 yen
Number of employees
110 (Male: 74, Female: 36)
Description of business
Metal working industry
Design and manufacture of press dies/Stamping work/Subassembly
Board members
Akira Hirose, President
Yoshihisa Suwa, Director
Naoyuki Sato, Director


December 1964
Established in the city of Nikko with capital of 5 million yen for the purpose of building precision press dies and manufacturing audio equipment parts.
November 1970
Increased the capital doubly to 10 million yen.
November 1975
Added five million yen to increase capital to 15 million yen.
March 1977
May 1977
Added 5 million yen to increase capital to 20 million yen.
Established the Kanuma plant for business expansion and started production.
January 1984
Integrated the head office and plant as well as the Kanuma plant and moved to the current address (Nikko) with the construction of the new head office and plant.
March 1991
Added 6.5 million yen to increase capital to 26.5 million yen.
May 1992
Expanded the office and warehouse.
March 2000
Expanded the tooling plant.
October 2006
Expanded the stamping plant No. 2.